Welcome to The Blue Mill Project

moulton windmillMoulton Windmill has received £15,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project, The Blue Mill, in Moulton. Led by volunteers from the local community and working in partnership with 2 local artists (Carol Parker and Angela Daymond), the project focuses on the origins of woad, the plant formerly grown as a source of blue dye, from cultivation to its importance in textiles and the impact that had on the Fens. The project started In August 2015 and enhances the current visitor experience at Moulton Windmill with additional woad-focused interpretation and activities.

The project enables local people to share their memories and experiences of working in the woad industry, together with workshops for local children and adults and will culminate in a Festival of Woad.

Moulton Windmill was built in 1822 and is the tallest working windmill in the UK standing at over 100ft to the top of the cap. It attracts over 20000 visitors a year and is manned entirely by volunteers. This project enhances the visitor experience at the Mill and helps us to gain a better insight into the social and economic history of the Fens as well as preserving valuable skills that would otherwise be lost.

Commenting on the award, Janet Prescott (Project Manager) said: “We are thrilled to have received the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund are confident the project will raise the awareness of woad production and its importance in shaping the Fens and its impact on those families associated with it .

Vanessa Harbar, Head of HLF East Midlands, said: “Moulton Windmill is a gem of the Lincolnshire countryside, attracting visitors with its unusual history. The Heritage Lottery Fund is a long-term supporter of the windmill, having funded its original restoration, and this new investment will help better tell the important story of the woad industry to visitors.”